Tommy Chong on Legalization, the DEA, and the Evolution of Weed

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Tommy Chong on Legalization, the DEA, and the Evolution of Weed

This Wednesday at 2 PM CST, we’re joined by long-time cannabis activist, Tommy Chong! We’re going to talk about his experience with the DEA, the evolution of weed, and life as a stoner legend.

10 Facts to Know About the Los Angeles Medicinal Marijuana Program

Learn important facts regarding getting accepted for the Los Angeles Medicinal Marijuana Program and also being provided your LA clinical marijuana card. The Los Angeles Medicinal Cannabis Program is one that has actually considerably increased over the previous five years.

Structuring Your Pharmacy for Safety and Success

In your pharmacy, make certain you organize your medications according to the means that your tags and MARs read. This is a generally ignored concept in many pharmacies. When your medications, labels, and also MARs are arranged in different ways, it is an accident waiting to take place, and it is a drain on performance.

What Are Marijuana Medical Cards and What Do They Do?

With every one of this news streaming around mainstream media about medical marijuana as well as marijuana medical cards, it can be difficult to actually share simply what they have to do with, what they do, as well as exactly how they might in fact relate to you. Some individuals think that a marijuana medical card is just a simple ticket for people that are aiming to make use of the medicine recreational, when they are, actually, a really purely regulated part of a legit medical sector.

Expansion of Medical Tourism in India

Medical Tourist is a recent principle that has actually gained a lot appeal as well as interest in the previous one decade. Lots of think about India as a viable alternative for medical tourist.

Penicillin Can Reduce the Risk of Strokes

Penicillin is a young yet rather classic antibiotic. We say it is young since it is the initial antibiotics on the planet, which was found just eighty years earlier. It is classic because it is versatile in clinics.

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