Social Equity in Arizona | Arizona Marijuana Business Licenses | Proposition 207

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Social Equity in Arizona | Arizona Marijuana Business Licenses | Proposition 207

Arizona voters passed the Smart & Safe Arizona Act in the 2020 election. Under the Smart & Safe Arizona Act, 150 marijuana establishment licenses will be granted. Of these licenses, 26 will be specifically allocated to applicants who qualify under the Social Equity Ownership Program. Social equity applicants Chris Martin and Michael Brooks join us at 3 PM CST to discuss this program and the licensing process in Arizona.

The Social Equity Ownership Program aims to increase the license numbers up to 10 % in furtherance of social equity programs created by the Department of Health Services, to promote the ownership and operation of marijuana establishments and marijuana testing facilities by individuals from communities disproportionately impacted by the enforcement of previous marijuana laws.

Bare Minimum Criteria Towards Restorative Justice:
* Expungement? YES
* Social Equity Provisions? YES
* Portion of Taxes Allocated to Impacted Communities? YES
* 26 licenses will be issued to entities under the Social Equity Ownership Program
* 10% of taxes will be allocated to the Justice Reinvestment Fund (JRF)

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