Navy Seal, CBD EXPERT and Naked Warrior Recovery Founder William Branum on The A Game Podcast

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William Branum, A former US Navy SEAL with 26 years of service, William Branum is the founder of NW Recovery. At an early age William knew he wanted to be part of a team that would push him beyond whatever limits he thought he had and still enjoy the outdoors and all it had to offer. He charged forward and became an Eagle Scout and joined the Navy immediately after graduating High School. After graduating from SEAL Training (BUD/S Class 208) he was stationed in Virginia Beach, VA then San Diego, CA, and finally Oahu, HI where he served on multiple SEAL Teams, taught SEAL Sniper School, and deployed around the globe.

As with too many veterans, William suffered from numerous physical injuries and psychological symptoms that negatively impacted his well being and quality of life. Migraines, severe anxiety, chronic pains, difficulty focusing, difficulty sleeping/falling asleep, and depression are some of the symptoms he would struggle with on a daily basis. He tried many prescription medications to help and eventually started to “self medicate” with alcohol to help with pain and sleep issues.

During his last few years of military service William started hearing more about the promising benefits of cannabinoids like CBD. Ultimately, he chose to wait until his retirement from the military before exploring this new world of plant based benefits to help aid in his physical and psychological recovery. Determined to maintain his Top Secret Security clearance after the military, he sought THC free options of CBD.

Since his discovery of CBD, William has reduced anxiety, improved sleep, less joint pain and an overall improved quality of life. Today William is focused on sharing the recovery benefits he has experienced through premium quality (THC Free) CBD in hopes that other Veterans and First Responders can also experience their own recovery.

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