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Detailed Joy Organics CBD review! We look at the company, their products, testing methods, quality controls, extraction and manufacturing methods, and more!

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Joy Organics CBD Oil
The first product we will talk about is the Joy Organics CBD Oil. The one of thing that instantly stood out to us was the USDA Organic Certified badge these oils carry.

We have tried a lot of product and NO other oil we’ve seen have this badge, it’s a stamp of approval and proof of the quality Joy Organics CBD Oil brings to the table!

When testing out this oil we decided to use if before bed, as we normally would. We stop using CBD oil one week and then used the Joy Organics 15mg Fresh Lime the next. The results were pretty impressive:

Our fitness and sleep tracker showed an increase in 11% recovery the week we were taking the Joy Organics CBD

This is a big jump, and while we are sure other factors were at play, we feel confident the CBD helped as well!

Joy Organics CBD Oils come in both THC Free (broad spectrum) and Full Spectrum (0.3% THC) varieties.

CBD Gummies
Joy Organics CBD Gummies are a tasty little treat for those who don’t care for the oils. Joy sticks with their practice of producing the cleanest, highest quality products with these gummies as well, they are both gluten free and vegan friendly.

These broad-spectrum gummies are 10mg each and come in green apple and strawberry lemonade flavors.

The strawberry lemonade flavor we tried was great and could have easily passed for a candy treat.

CBD Salve
The Organic CBD Salve from Joy Organics was probably our favorite product. As a Crossfitter I am sore more days than not, and especially my lower back needs some TLC from time to time.

One of the big complaints about CBD is that many people can’t “feel” it working. This is normal and just due to how it reacts with your endocannabinoid system. Not so with the CBD Salve.

A few minutes after rubbing this salve in we started stretching and by the time we were done we were already feeling much less tight. Yes, this has something to do with the stretching, but the salve definitely helped!

CBD Softgels
If you only get one product from Joy Organics, it should be their THC free softgels. As we talked about in the extraction method section, Joy uses a nanoemulsion technology to make these softgels water soluble, and thus more bioavailable.

If you are already taking other vitamins or supplements on a daily basis this is a great product for you since it will be easy to add into your routine.

CBD Energy Drink
Want the kick of a Rockstar without all the junk you’ll find in them? Joy Organics CBD energy drink is a perfect substitute.

Not only does this product give you a boost of energy, but several of the substances within are also known to help promote focus (including CBD). This product comes packed with natural ingredients rather than things cooked up in a lab.

Joy Organics Pros and Cons
This is a short version of our pros and cons, to see the full list check out the article on our website!

We left price off this list intentionally. Joy Organics products are right in line with many of the top CBD brands out there. Many people think this is expensive but in an unregulated market this is the cost of quality growing, manufacturing, extraction, and the lab testing required.

• Family Run Business
• Quality – You can really tell the effort put in, from the packaging to the products, from the website to customer service. Everything is done right.
• USDA Certified Organic Full and Broad Spectrum CBD tinctures
• Both in house and third-party Lab testing done
• US Hemp Roundtable Board of Directors member
• Top Notch Manufacturing and Extraction Methods – This includes industry innovations like the nanoemulsion technology used to create the best softgels possible
• Full Spectrum and THC-Free Options
• Rewards Program
• Website – Fast, clean and easy to navigate. Not cluttered like many CBD sites are.
• Free Shipping

• Selection – Many of the “top” brands still have more offerings, although compared to many companies they have a great selection
• Limited Retail Locations – As of the time of this writing, most of Joy’s locations are in Colorado. This may not be an issue for you, especially with free shipping available

Interested in trying Joy Orgaincs for yourself? We have a link to their site down in the description, and make sure to use the code PLANT20 to get 20% off your first purchase!

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