Does CBD Help Dogs with Dementia?

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Pet owners will do anything for their furry friends. So when it comes to fighting things like aging, many are asking “Does CBD Help Dogs with Dementia?”

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What is Doggie Dementia?
The medical term for doggie dementia is canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), but it is often referred to as doggie dementia or canine senility.
Unfortunately, CCD is something senior dogs often will suffer from along with arthritis and other joint and muscle degenerative diseases.

CCD is very similar to Alzheimer’s Disease in humans and tends to effect dogs at older ages as their brain function deteriorates with natural aging. While Alzheimer’s can be very apparent in humans, it is often harder to spot and diagnose in canines.

Signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
Dementia in dogs manifests itself in a wide range of different ways. Just like Alzheimer’s in humans, parts of your pet’s personality will change, but the piece, or pieces effected can take on a wide range of behavior changes.

These changes can include things like disorientation and forgetfulness, spatial awareness, bathroom accidents, excessive barking, behavior changes, anxiety, or trouble learning new things.

Traditional Treatment options for Dogs with Dementia
Right now, there is no cure for doggie dementia. Veterinarians have yet to find a way to reverse or stop the disease before it causes permanent damage.

The traditional treatment for dogs with dementia depends largely on how advanced the disease is, but include things like lifestyle changes, routines, medication and reducing anxiety can all help.

How Does CBD Help Dogs With Dementia?
Dementia shows up in your dog just like it would develop for you. Just like you, your dog has an endocannabinoid system that is full of receptors that manage pain, hormones and normal bodily functions.

These receptors, that are sensitive to cannabinoids such as CBD, are found in extremely high concentrations in parts of the brain affected by Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

When CBD is used to stimulate the receptors in your brain, studies have shown a decrease in neurotoxicity, inflammation, and oxidative stress in the brain.

As with many topics concerning CBD, more research needs to be done but the early studies are showing promising results for both dogs and humans battling Dementia.

How to give CBD to your Dog
There are basically two ways to give your pets CBD, both of which are easy to add to your dog’s daily routine.

The first, is in CBD Oil form. Using a dropper given to you with the product, you’ll just need to mix in the correct number of drops to get the desired dose with whatever dogfood they currently eat. This is a great method if your dog regularly eats food as soon as it is given to them.

If your dog tends to eat throughout the day, or inconsistently, this may not be the best method since they won’t get the full dose. In this situation we’d recommend the 2nd option, dog treats.

This might be the easiest, fastest, and surest way to get your dog to consume the CBD you want him or her to take. Anytime you’d regularly give your dog treats you can substitute these in instead.

The exact dose of each treat is clearly labeled on the package too, so as long as your pet eats the full treat you’ll know precisely how much CBD they are consuming!

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