CBD Oil Benefits | How and Why Does CBD Work?

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Have you been searching for a complete explainer on the world of CBD? Look no further. We’ve compiled pretty much everything you need to know before you dive in.

CBD Oil Benefits | How and Why Does CBD Work?

If it seems like everyone around, you is talking about CBD, it might be because they are. The hemp derived compound has gotten extremely popular recently, but why? People often talk about the fact that CBD is extremely beneficial, but in what way, specifically?

Let’s get right into it to find out what exactly CBD is and what it can do for you.

What is CBD?

CBD for cannabidiol is a compound in the cannabis plant, but, unlike its psychoactive, cousin THC, it can’t you high. Most of the effects CBD can have on the body are caused by its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

Now your next question might be: what is the endocannabinoid system like the digestive system or nervous system? The endocannabinoid system or ECS is a network. Within the body the ETS performs a very unique and important function, bringing balance to the other major organ systems of the body.

The endocannabinoid system has three main components: endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors and enzymes. Endo cannabinoids are chemicals that interact with endocannabinoid receptors to create a reaction once these endocannabinoids have done their job enzymes quickly break them down. the incredible thing about the ECS is that it’s pretty much everywhere through the body. This is what allows it to work on so many bodily functions. Skin, digestive tissue immune cells and the brain all contain endocannabinoid receptors But back to the whole balance thing. How does the ECS manage that? Basically, if a process in your body is unbalanced, say, for instance, your digestive system is producing too much acid when it isn’t needed ECS signaling in the gut can slow down gastric acid production.
In this way, the ETS can affect several processes in the body, including appetite and digestion. Metabolism pain, inflammation mood, learning and memory, motor control, sleep, cardiovascular function, muscle formation, bone growth, liver function, reproductive function, stress, skin and nerve function.

With us so far? Great we’ve discussed the ECS, but how does CBD affect the endocannabinoid system? Cbd is also called phytocannabinoid or simply cannabinoid, because it’s, similar in chemical structure, to the endocannabinoids produced by the body.

Endo means something that comes from within. Phyto is something that comes from plants. Cbd is thought to work with the ECS in two possible ways. The earlier notion was that CBD is able to interact with receptors because it resembles endocannabinoids.

More recently, researchers say that CBD can block enzymes from breaking down the body’s own endocannabinoids. This means that CBD just allows you to enjoy the effects of your body’s own chemicals for a longer period of time.

A stable mental state

You might already know that when neurotransmitter levels fall out of balance, it can lead to mental distress. Serotonin and GABA levels in particular, can cause sadness and stress when their levels drop. A healthy endocannabinoid system can support the balanced production of these chemicals, leading to a more stable happy You.

Healthier skin

The skin contains endocannabinoid receptors too, and they put in a lot of work. These receptors have been found to regulate hair growth, sebum production, sweat production, inflammation and pain sensitivity. When these receptors are supportive, they get to work on balancing any areas of distress.
The ECS is incredible in the way it only acts on what is needed. So if the skin is producing too much oil, it can work to reduce that if it’s producing too little, it can increase that. This is why a healthy ECS can help both oily and dry skin, better digestion within the digestive system.

The ECS can modulate several functions. Excessive gut inflammation, which has been linked to things like irritable bowel syndrome, can be controlled by the ECS. Like I said before, the ECS can also modulate levels of gastric capacity.

High or low levels of gastric acid can lead to nausea indigestion, heartburn and bloating. If that wasn’t enough, the ECS also seems to affect the microbiome, which are first, the colonies of healthy bacteria in the gut, by keeping your ACS in good shape.

You can look forward to healthier digestive function, greater mental function, the ECS plays a significant role in learning and memory, and research suggests that it is because the ECS can enhance communication between neurons, faster neural communication means faster, recall and learning.

Now you know the world of benefits that awaits you when it comes to CBD.

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