CBD Oil and Weight Loss

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Have you heard rumors about CBD Oil and weight loss? When it comes to weight loss it can be difficult to know what is real and what is false, so we dive into the factors that CBD might influence weight loss!

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How CBD can help with weight loss

Suppress Appetite
The first thing we want to look at is CBD’s effect on your appetite. Afterall, it’s easier to burn more calories than you’re taking in if you’re not eating as many calories!

Unfortunately, there is very little data on this in humans, but a study on Rats in 2012 showed significant reduction in both food intake and body weight.

While we don’t fully understand the mechanism behind these results, it could be related to how the ECS helps regulate dopamine and serotonin. Since overeating is often due to a craving for a dopamine release, this could curb the snacking so many people struggle with.

Browning of Fat
There are two types of fat in the body… you have ‘brown’ fat, which is responsible for generating heat in your body and is easily burned, and white fat, which can supply energy and insulate your organs.

Brown fat is considered healthy and people who maintain a good weight tend to have a lot of it. White fat is fine in small amounts, but in excess tends to cause many of the chronic illnesses that plague society.

Early studies are pointing to CBD being able to help regulate how your body stores, breaks down and regulates fat production in the body. This makes sense considering we already know that the ECS helps regulate balance in the body.

Insulin Resistance
One of the big problems that normally comes with obesity is insulin resistance. Insulin is used to shuttle food that has been broken down to glucose to your cells so that it can be used for energy. Once the glucose is taken care of your pancreas can stop producing insulin.

People who tend to overeat or snack never let the pancreas shut off, and if your pancreas is constantly secreting insulin to break down food your body becomes resistant to it. Insulin starts to loose its ability to shuttle glucose and our body has not other option than to store this extra as fat.
In trials CBD worked better than popular drugs like metformin to lower elevated blood glucose levels and improve the rate of absorption of glucose in cells.

Liver Damage
Another byproduct of elevated glucose levels is that it overburdens the liver.
An overworked liver tends to become inflamed and has a buildup of fatty acids. These can lead to liver disfunction and later liver disease. So the things that CBD helps with insulin will also help with liver.

Metabolic Disorders
A lot of metabolic disorders are linked with obesity including type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

CBD has shown promise in helping to shut off CB receptors in fat tissue that signal the body to store more fat. By turning off these receptors the ECS can help prevent fat storage and the disorders that come along with it.

So, while CBD is not a magic pill for weight loss, it does look to have promise in regulating many of the functions that lead to excessive fat storage and obesity.

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