CBD for Bodybuilding: The Benefits for Muscle

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Is CBD Oil good for Bodybuilding? What benefits might it bring to those in pursuit of the perfect physique?

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The first thing we want to cover is CBD and drug tests. What is the point in taking something that will cause you to get banned from your sport, afterall?

In 2018 the World Anti-Doping Agency and United States Anti-Doping agency took CBD off their list of banned substances.

On top of that, they significantly raised the limit of THC that was allowable in a urinary sample. This means that unless you were using cannabis the day of a competition you should not have high enough levels of THC in your system to fail.

The World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) has put all cannabinoids, including CBD on this list of banned substances the day of competition, but otherwise have no restrictions on cannabis or CBD products.

So, one of the biggest reasons a bodybuilder may want to skip taking CBD is out, so let’s look at what it may help with.

Growing muscle requires breaking down the actual muscle fibers so that they can rebuild themselves stronger than before. Part of this process requires soreness caused by inflammation and lactate building up in the muscle.

Along with that, many bodybuilders will experience stiff, sore, or painful joints due to the strain they normally put on their body over a long period of time.

One of the biggest benefits CBD could have for bodybuilders is the lessening of both of these types of inflammation.

If you’re not as sore you can train more often, with better quality, and feel better the other hours of the day.

Improving Sleep
A large part of the recovery and healing process for muscles and joints, like so many other critical bodily functions, happens when we are sleeping.
CBD is shown to regulate serotonin levels in your body, calming nerves and anxious feelings that often cause people to lose sleep.

In addition this that, melatonin is a natural reaction to serotonin production and people with chronically low levels of serotonin often don’t produce enough melatonin. Melatonin is one of the major hormones that tells our bodies it’s time to sleep so the lack on its production can lead to struggle sleeping.

Alternative to Pain Meds
Both Opioids and anti-inflammatory over the counter drugs have been shown to have negative long-term effects.

Opioids are often the cause of deaths due to overdosing, with over 42000 being attributed by the CDC in 2016 alone.

Things like ibuprofen and naproxen sodium have been shown to have extreme side effects if used over a long term including renal damage, heart attacks and even strokes.

CBD works with the pain receptors distributed throughout the body to sooth away pain points. In fact, topical CBD products can be applied directly to a sore muscle or joint, bringing fast, targeted relief.

Early research and anecdotal evidence point to the fact that CBD doesn’t have any major side effects, making it a much safer option than either opioid or anti-inflammatory pain medication.

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