CBD and Asthma: Can CBD help you Breathe Easier?

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CBD and Asthma: Through several of the normal mechanisms that CBD helps with throughout the body it is possible it can help you manage your asthma symptoms.

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What is Asthma?
Asthma is a respiratory disorder and a chronic inflammatory disease that can cause coughing and chest pain that if left unchecked can make breathing extremely difficult. During an asthma attack a person’s airways become inflamed, causing them to narrow and lessening the amount of oxygen reaching the lungs.

Asthma comes in different forms, from an allergy to a workplace irritant causing the issue. It’s severity also varies greatly for different patients and is more common in children, although adults do suffer from it too.

How CBD can relive Asthma Symptoms
Cannabinoids, including CBD and THC are known as autoimmune regulators, meaning they help modulate bodily functions and ensure processes are running smoothly.

There are three ways in which CBD can help asthma sufferers.
CBD as a Bronchodilator

Smoking cannabis has long been used as a bronchodilator to ease mucus filled pathways and relieve stressed out, constricted airways.

While CBD comes from the hemp plant, which has a low THC content, studies are quickly showing it has many of the same benefits as the more common strains of cannabis that have been historically used medicinally.
Anti-Inflammatory Properties
The chronic inflammation that many Asthma suffers deal with leaves patients with persistent inflammation in the bronchial tubes of the lungs.
The effects of CBD on inflammation in muscles, joints, and other pain points throughout the body are well documented, and early animal studies are showing promise that these anti-inflammatory processes could apply to the lungs as well.
Antispasmodic Properties
Asthma attacks can come on suddenly and patients can find themselves struggling for breath as the lungs are hit with muscle spasms impacting the amount of oxygen reaching the bloodstream.
CBD has already gained popularity for treating many other conditions that cause muscle spasms including ALS, MS, epilepsy and Parkinson’s.
Many Asthma attacks are triggered by something in the environment or air surrounding a patient, the immune regulating effects of the hemp plant could lessen immune response to potential irritants.
Using CBD Oil for Asthma Symptoms
With all the evidence showing that CBD should help you control your asthma symptoms the next question is the best method of delivery.
Sublingually is our recommendation for managing Asthma symptoms. Taking a dropper once or twice a day gets the CBD into your bloodstream and to your lungs as quickly as possible.
You can also do this with edibles, pills, or capsules, but both the dosing and timing of the medicinal effects differ with anything that is digested.
CBD Vaping and Asthma
CBD vaping provides almost instant relief from inflammation and could possibly curb an attack by getting relief to the lungs instantly but might not be good for your lungs in the long term.
But, Vaping CBD is the fastest way to feel the benefits of CBD since the cannabinoids are absorbed directly into the lungs, completely bypassing the digestive system and bloodstream.
If your asthma is very bad, you may want to try a combination of an oil or capsule to manage the symptoms and prevent attacks, and have the CBD vape option for any attacks that may occur.

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