Cannabis Stocks | Should you invest in pot stocks | What marijuana stocks to buy?

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Cannabis Stocks – They go up big – they go down big. People make the money – they lose the money. But are they a good investment? That depends on how you define investment.

Cannabis Stocks | Should you invest in pot stocks | What marijuana stocks to buy?

It’s the cannabis stocks and investment episode of cannabis legalization news.

Hello, I’m Tom a former stock broker that really should not be giving you financial advice – however you’re gonna go buy cannabis stocks and you are looking for information on them – so here’s what I think of them.

They are really too new to be considered an investment like Warren Buffett would do on a company to determine its value and make a decisions about appreciation of the investment. They are more speculative in that they go up and down based on perceived legalization.

The balance sheets of these companies that you can buy are not really great either – they could be better under Schedule III and will cover that in a bit. But let’s compare 5 stocks to see if they seem like great investments that are destined for the moon, or speculative bets like at the roulette table.

A lot of the reason I don’t often put my money in them is because I don’t see their value when it comes to what they mean to me, what moats they have in their operations, their management and what type of discount are they trading it – some mispricing I can capitalize on.

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Trulieve – TCNNF
The Holding Co. – GRAMF
Verano – VRNOF
Curaleaf – CURLF
Cresco Labs – CRLBF
Green Thumb Industries – GTIBF

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